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RWA Legal & Accounting Services Plan

Your company’s products and services may have excellent business potential and expansion capabilities in Mexico, the second largest market for U.S. services and products worldwide. Our firm, Resendiz Wong, Abogados, S.C. (RWA) can help U.S. companies create a business presence in Mexico almost overnight by incorporating a subsidiary here in as few as four (4) days, upon receipt of the necessary documentation.

3 Steps to Incorporation
1. Execution by client of a power of attorney (PoA) prepared by our firm.
2. Notarization and legalization of the aforementioned PoA.
3. Submission of the PoA to us.

The number of U.S. companies already gaining an upper hand on their competition by utilizing the one-hundred million person strong Mexican consumer base and labor force, is growing at a tremendous rate, but it is not too late for your company to take advantage of the excellent business climate in Mexico. Our specialized legal services and business consultation have been tailor-made to assist U.S. companies in doing business in Mexico, both affordably and effectively, allowing our clients a soft landing into the Mexican free market, and giving them the opportunity to test the waters before making any large-scale capital investments in the Mexican Republic.

If your company would like to enter the Mexican free market, but there exist concerns regarding the amount of expenses involved, our firm offers a way for you to consolidate costs considerably through the RWA Legal & Accounting Services Plan. Our cost-effective combination of professional services includes all legal, accounting, and administrative needs contingent to your company’s success in Mexico, covered under a single inexpensive monthly standard fee. Some of the services included in this plan are:

    • Specialized Legal Services. Our firm provides all the legal support and advice that a Mexican subsidiary may require to close transactions and contracts with costumers , hire personnel, import, export or distribute products, participate in biddings, secure governmental permits and licenses or purchase assets. In general, we render all the appropriate legal advice and consulting necessary to isolate contingencies and boost the success of the subsidiary in Mexico.
    • Accounting and Tax Filing Services. Our firm provides tax compliance services through our accounting department in order to fulfill all the tax obligations a Mexican subsidiary is subject to after incorporation. Our office conducts the timely filing of all monthly and annual tax returns, including any additional tax reports required by the statutes in effect.
    • Checkbook Keeping Services. Our firm can open a bank account for the subsidiary in Mexico and manage, allocate and distribute funds received in accordance with the written instructions of the client. With this service, the Mexican subsidiary can be financially controlled and monitored from the U.S. without the need of hiring administrative personnel in Mexico.
    • Registered Tax Address Services. Our firm can provide a registered tax address for the Mexican subsidiary in order to allow our U.S. clients to save considerable expenses in office lease. Message center and use of the meeting room are included with this service.

Thanks to the RWA Legal & Accounting Services Plan our U.S. and International clients are currently operating in Mexico efficiently and inexpensively. If you are interested in learning more about Resendiz Wong Abogados, or if you would like a list of some of the U.S. and International corporate clients we represent to use for reference purposes, please let us know and we will be happy to provide you the necessary information.