Environmental Law

Impact Assessments, licenses & Permits, Consulting & Environmental Law

Today, the world’s increasing need for environmental balance has led into the development of appropriate local environmental laws and regulations with the purpose of enforcing the companies’ compliance to ecological requirements. By means of federal and state organisms, Mexico carries on a series of procedures to ensure the protection of the environment in all operations held in the country.

RWA’s goal on environmental law matters is to provide the necessary guidance and advice for clients to conduct socially responsible businesses in the country, assuring companies’ conformance with legislations and companies’ profitable operations. Our Mexican attorneys offer our clients their knowledge and skills in federal and local administrative procedures, such as inspections for the attainment of licenses, permits and authorizations, while maintaining a close relation with the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (Secretaría del Medio Ambiente y Recursos Naturales) for updated information and news on legislative changes and modifications to environmental law.

Our firm is experienced in the counseling, development and establishment of legal compliances as registrations, audits, licenses, approvals, concessions, impact statements and studies, management programs and policies, asset and real estate property analysis, hazardous and non hazardous waste management and air pollution affairs, and operative processes and systems. RWA serves current and future operations in all manufacturing and transforming facilities in diverse areas such as technology, chemical and energy.

RWA also provides criminal and civil environmental litigation for the solution of controversies in a practical, professional and efficient way to deal with all sorts of safety and health issues and the accomplishment of adaptations and changes to cope with official enforcements.