Government Procedural Counseling & Lobbying

Lobbying at Public Instrumentalities. Legal Advice on Rules & Procedures

In Mexico, the incorporation of business enterprises demands the compliance of Government Procedural Counseling and Lobbying laws before the corresponding administrative authorities, as well as the preparation of relevant legal documents inherent in the incorporation process. Likewise, business enterprises, after being incorporated, are required by statute to prepare and keep registers regarding their management and corporate modifications, which are subject to periodical updating. We can provide all-inclusive advice and guidance to incorporate your company in the manner which best fits your business goals in Mexico and covers all government procedural counseling and lobbying. We will prepare all writs, requests, and related documents necessary to have your company duly incorporated, maintain corporate records, prepare the corresponding shareholders’ or partners’ meetings minutes in accordance to the form and substance required by the statute, and in general, assist you in the preparation and execution of the documents necessary to adopt any corporate decision made by your company after incorporation, including the following services: