Governmental Bidding Process

Legal Advice on Government Contracts & Public Bids and Procurement in Mexico

In Mexico, due to the free trade treaties and international commercial relations that have been established in the last decades, a set of administrative statutes, laws, regulations and practices dictate all elements and features of business including Government contracts and public bids.

To attend to the increasing demand of clients who require counseling in government contracts and procedures in order to conduct business in Mexico, RWA developed more than 15 years ago a strong specialized area that deals with counseling and representation on federal and state public bids procedures for clients willing to do business in the government sector, as prime contractors or subcontractors.

Our firm offers an amazing collection of services concerning the federal procurement process, including litigation, public bidding, government demands, penalties, and audits; licenses, concessions, permits and certification requirements; regulation complying, amparo procedures, representation on state and federal administrative tribunals, administrative alleviation against governmental decisions, public state, federal and international contracts, security clearance and pricing issues to mention some.

RWA’s lawyers are experienced in defending clients against decisions on government contracts which violate procurement statutes and infringe the rights guaranteed by law and Mexico’s Federal Constitution (Constitución Federal de los Estados Unidos Mexicanos). Our firm has represented individuals, small businesses and transnational companies and defended clients against erroneous allegations bringing to convenient final conclusions all administrative and legal procedures by revising the finer details of government contracts and knowing where and how to proceed.