Project Finance

Legal Advice on Implementation and Financing of Projects in Mexico

Resendiz Wong Abogados project finance workout and restructuring practice advises clients on steps to analyze and resolve the most difficult situations. Our attorneys offer skills in project finance bankruptcy, restructuring, and litigation. RWA understands the legal issues, as well as the general business context of finance, energy, and infrastructure projects.  In this area, our firm renders advice on legal issues typical in infrastructure deals, including electric and gas industry regulation, power, wheeling and interconnection agreements, construction contracts, fuel supply and transportation agreements, project and lease financing, tax credit monetization’s, multilateral and bilateral agency financing, litigation, arbitrations, domestic and international tax planning, bankruptcy, environmental, real estate and securities.

We approach each assignment as unique: We analyze the advantages and disadvantages of all available options, and advise our clients of the risks and rewards of each approach. We then execute the client’s strategy, which may involve a negotiated restructuring, sale, bankruptcy, foreclosure, litigation or arbitration, as the case may be. Our project finance attorneys also represent lenders as they have experience with lender liability concerns, balancing competing lender interests and tackling problems involving multinational corporations.